SAMMATH Triumph In Hatred 2009 CD

Folter Records

Wow! Germany is always pleased our ears. And this band just continue that way, he-he. SAMMATH is not young band, was formed back in the year of 1994 (16 years so far), so this is usual thing — musicians are well skilled persons. Why I was so glad to hear this band? All is simple, because their music is not just regular black or death metal which comes by thousands CDs these days. But their music is that killer and truly obscure black/death metal, made in good old-school way and without any compromises. What do you waiting for usually from black/death metal bands? I'll tell what do you need — you need for next — you need for powerful rhythm-section, brutal sound, fast and destructive rhythms or guitars and drumming, obscure vocals and of course darkest atmosphere and etc. Isn't it? And all those mentioned aspects you'll got from "Triumph In Hatred"! Just listen to this band for one time and you'll like it for a pretty long time! Also SAMMATH using pretty interesting solo parts, I like them a lot too! Those guitar solos remind me classical death metal solos from early 90s! Also! Some guitar parts are sounds a bit progressive, what brings much interesting into SAMMATH sound! Well, stop to write words, just if you like black/death metal, which will switch off your mind and will destroy your stereo — get this CD without any doubts!!!

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