Sammath - Triumph In Hatred
Full-length, Folter Records, 2009

Sammath's 4th full length album is a tour de force of sheer violent power. A Vesuvius of metallic hatred crammed with ideas, and tightly packed with musicianship and know-how prowess of the highest order. One would not encounter it easily - should they not seek deep enough - but when one penetrates the superficial surface, what lies beneath the allegedly by-the-book, raw-sounding, war-themed black metal is worthy of praise.

Sammath's aesthetics combine a crisp, crystal clear and very much updated sound, with a subversive, almost misplaced heavy metal etiquette buried within a vitriolic, blastbeat-happy fašade, wisely disguised but ever present. Amalgamating this newish, hi-tech-ish searing black metal sound with metal's more melodic roots (and those fucking guitar solos; shredding in black metal, who would have thought?), results in quasi-melodic, beautifully arranged, riff-maddening black metal of epic proportion.

Sammath's Triumph in Hatred must be one of today's truest sonic incarnations of the concept of war and its dreads: It is equipped with the right atmosphere and the right dynamic energy every average black metaller out there would cream their pants for. However Sammath also posses and deliver that extra special ingredient one cannot always put a finger on but always there: maturity, experience, real-life hardship maybe. Who really knows?

Last but not least: With this recording, Sammath have almost revolutionized (production-wise) the sound of today's most extreme forms of metal. Since Diabolicum's The Dark Blood Rising, there hasn't been a viler and sharper sounding album.

Chaim Drishner

Maelstrom webzine (issue #68, Winter 2009)


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